How to Plant a Terrarium: Gardener’s Supply

02 Mar

Who don’t love flowers.. correction.. who don’t love an easy-to-maintain miniature tropical garden, right on your desktop?

I love gardening.. I probably got a wee bit of a green thumb from my Mom. Living in Singapore, most of us have no room for an elaborate garden and most of the plants are planted in pots, lined along our narrow corridors. Growing up, I am always surrounded by plants. I tried planting some greens in my old apartment back then and now, in my house in California – it just bring so much life to an otherwise dead space.

I love terrariums. I had one when I was in Singapore and had bought a few more to give away as presents. They are so easy to care for and thanks to the good people from Gardener’s Supply Company, I would like to share this great project with you and your family. Its a great way to involve your children in the caring of their little secret garden and to make it their own!

This is also a great idea for playgroups (for older kids) and party activities. A great souvenir to bring home!

Glass container for a terrarium

Step 1: Find a large glass container, either open at the top or closed. You can find them at your craft stores or maybe Goodwill stores.

Have a clear idea on what you would like to plant (maybe a quick trip to your local garden center and a chat with one of the staff there) and where you would like to display the terrarium (that will tell you how much or little light you have). Then find a container that is best suited to that plant and space. According to the article, closed containers hold more humidity and create a jungle-like atmosphere whereas open containers are ideal for cactus and succulent gardens, as well as other plants that prefer less humidity.

Ideally, the plant should remain small or slow growing and be sure that it is pest-free.


Planting Medium made from coconut husk fiber

Step 2: Soak one Coir Brick with warm water for 30mins - Note that one brick expands to make about 2-1/2 dry gallons of lightweight, odor-free potting material.

Clay Pellets to help drainage and hold water and fiberglass screen to prevent soil from falling into the pellets. the

Step 3: Add an inch or two of expanded clay pellets to the bottom of the container to ensure good drainage as well as to absorb and hold water. Next, size and cut a piece of fiberglass window screening to completely cover the clay pellets.

Step 4: Place 2" to 3" of moistened coir into the container, on top of the screen.

Gardener’s Supply suggest that the deeper the container, the better it looks with more soil.

Step 5: Plant your plant!

I suggest to start with one plant, especially if you are involving children (at least 6 years of age.. I doubt younger kids have the patient or understanding to appreciate such a project). The illustrated photos, taken from Gardener’s Supply newsletter, shows a more elaborate arrangement involving a few plants and using spike moss as a carpet as it creeps onto the soil over time. Gorgeous idea if you have the time!

Final step is to water the completed terrarium

Final step: Water the inside surface of the container.

Using a small watering can or a little cup, water down the inside surface of the container, so as not to disturb the plants. It’s important to keep the water level just below the screen so that the soil doesn’t get saturated. Add water as needed to keep the clay pellets wet.

For a more complete instructions and illustrations, here’s a link to their newsletter! Thanks Gardener’s Supply!

How to Plant a Terrarium, Terrariums, Indoor Gardening: Gardener’s Supply.


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2 responses to “How to Plant a Terrarium: Gardener’s Supply

  1. Theresa

    March 2, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    I’ve been meaning to stop at the Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco for some time now. They have some beautiful terrariums on their website. I’ve heard they even have a coffee bar! For some inspiration here’s their website:

  2. janicecollins

    March 2, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Awesome Theresa! Sounds like a place to check out with the family! Thanks for sharing.


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